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An Introduction to UML Modelling Techniques - 1 Day

This introduction provides an overview of the main UML diagrams used as part of a model-driven development process and is a precursor to one of the in-depth short or integrated courses. Students begin by learning the basics of modelling business processes with activity diagrams and external system functional requirements with use case diagrams and use case descriptions. They then learn the basics of creating a 3-dimensional internal model of system data and functionality using class diagrams, sequence diagrams and statecharts. Modelling system architecture is discussed briefly. Paper-based exercises are used to reinforce learning throughout.

Suitable for:
Suitable for

Business Analysts, Requirements Gatherers, System Analysts, Designers, Architects, Developers, Programmers, Project Managers, Test Developers and Support Staff with all levels of experience. There are no pre-requisites.

Seminar Logistics:
Seminar logistics

Seminar attendance is normally limited to 12 students. The seminar starts at 9.00am and finishes at 5.00pm. Students use pen and paper for the exercises. Printed course manuals are provided for each student with copies of all presentations, exercises and solutions.

On-Site (In-House) Courses:
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The client is expected to provide an appropriate venue, refreshments, SVGA/XGA projector and screen, whiteboard or flipchart, and pen and paper for each student. For a full discussion of on-site issues please see On-Site Course Logistics.

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Seminar Outline
Introduction and Business Modelling
Logistics and People - Object Orientation - The Unified Modelling Language - Modelling Business Process with Activity Diagrams - Modelling Systems Requirements with Use Case Diagrams and Use Case Descriptions
Activity Diagram and Use Case Exercise
Class and Structure Diagrams
What is an object? - Class and Object Syntax - Associations and Navigability - Multiplicity - Generalization and Inheritance - Packages and Dependency - Interfaces, Subsystems and Components - Component Diagrams - Deployment Diagrams
Class and Structure Diagrams Exercise
Sequence and State Machine Diagrams
Introduction to Sequence Diagrams - Interactions and Messages - Selection, Iteration and Activation - Introduction to State Machine Diagrams - States and Transitions - Events and Conditions - Actions
Sequence and State Machine Diagrams Exercise

Should the content of the available UML training courses not fit your exact requirements, then CRaG Systems can create a custom course for you. Please either email or call us to discuss your particular needs.

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An Introduction to UML Modelling Techniques - 1 Day