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UML, BPMN and Enterprise Architect Case Studies

The following is a list of references to case studies of the use of UML, BPMN and Sparx System's Enterprise Architect:

An Obamacare exchange that worked from day one

This 2014 Case Study examines how two Sparx partners - including a major global consulting firm - used Sparx software to help one American state government build an Obamacare Health Insurance Exchange that was totally successful in its mission from the first day it opened. The review that follows illustrates how Sparx Enterprise Architect software can accelerate major projects by utilizing re-usable knowledge stored in an open-standards-based framework and how that framework can enhance team-based modeling, collaboration and planning. The scope of this analysis extends to the application of Enterprise Architecture practices during development of a health insurance exchange - and it wisely leaves any evaluation of the underlying public-policy issues to public-affairs specialists writing in policy-focused publications.

Systems Redesign with Enterprise Architect

The Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) is a governmental agency in the Executive Branch of Virginia state government. DMV administers motor vehicle and tax related laws for the continued benefit of all citizens of the Commonwealth of Virginia. To ensure that service levels are maintained and to sustain the business value offered to these customers, DMV decided to implement a modeling process for the most commonly provided services as part of its efforts to reengineer processes and define the requirements for a replacement of its legacy computer system. Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect was chosen to support this initiative.

Applying MDA to the Development of Air Traffic Management Systems

Increased efficiency and improved quality in software development is an objective that is common to all organizations and projects. Different approaches can be adopted depending on the particularities of the organization in question and their suitability within the context of project execution and management. This paper describes our experience when applying MDA to the development of an air-traffic management system. We discuss the complementarities of these factors using this particular case as an example.

St.George Bank - IT Architecture Model

St.George Bank is Australia’s 5th largest retail bank with a market capitalisation of AU$15B1. In 2007 St.George undertook a project to document its IT infrastructure using Enterprise Architect, a CASE tool developed by Sparx Systems. St.George wasn’t looking for an “encyclopedic” style of documentation. They wanted something intranet based and very graphical so a user could literally “surf” around the architectural landscape then drill down on areas of interest. Enterprise Architect provided this with a robust data repository (SQL Server) and excellent HTML and Javascript publishing capabilities. The information documented was all the bank’s software applications, databases, hardware platforms, data flows, key personnel and most importantly, the relationships between all these elements.

Smart Freight Process Model - Developed for Port of Melbourne using Enterprise Architect

The primary purpose of Smart Freight is to generate major efficiency gains and reduce freight congestion in and out of the Port of Melbourne through the development of integrated Information and Communication Technology (ICT) based solutions. An integrated Enterprise Architecture model provides an effective and dynamic means of analyzing the relationships between organizational roles, processes and technology, and potentially other dimensions, within a specific project or process area and also across the entire organization. By using Enterprise Architect, Red Wahoo were able to develop an Enterprise Architecture Framework within months, rather than years, and in doing so realized a significant cost reduction for the client.

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UML, BPMN and Enterprise Architect Case Studies