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SysML Introduction Training Course - 1 Day

This SysML training course is aimed at decision makers who direct projects and the review outputs of an engineering team. The course teaches an appreciation of the breadth of capability of the Systems Modelling Language SysML and it's use within the context of systems engineering disciplines including specification, analysis, architecture, design, validation and testing of equipment for industrial, military and aerospace applications. The advantages that using these techniques have for project estimation, requirements traceability, test development and project management is discussed.

Delegates will learn:
  • The basics of the SysML Systems Modelling Language
  • How hierarchical and interdependent requirements can be created and maintained within a SysML Model
  • How traceability is maintained between requirements and reports of requirements and models are generated
  • How an overview of the external functional requirements of a system is created with actors and use cases on a use case diagram
  • How high-level system structure is modelled and decomposed using block definition diagrams
  • How the detailed internal structure of blocks is modelled on internal block diagrams
  • How system level analogue behaviour can be defined and modelled on parametric diagrams
  • How the externally visible behaviour of a system and it's constituent parts is modelled using activity diagram
  • How timing, interaction and messaging between system elements is modelled on sequence diagrams
  • How state dependant behaviour is modelled on state machine diagrams
Suitable for:

Project managers, specifiers, decision makers and engineers with at least 2 years experience. This course is not suitable for those seeking certification as a step towards a qualification. See the Certification Policy for a detailed discussion.

Course Logistics:

Course attendance is limited to 12 students. Courses start at 9.30am and finish at 5.00pm. Some exercises will be performed on paper. The use of a SysML modelling tool will be demonstrated as part of the course but use of it by students will not be required. Printed course manuals for each student with copies of all presentations, exercises and solutions are provided.

On-Site (In-House) Courses:
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The client is expected to provide an appropriate venue, refreshments, XGA/WXGA projector and screen, whiteboard or flipchart. For a full discussion of on-site course issues please see On-Site Course Logistics.

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Training Course Outline


People - Modelling - Systems Engineering - System Modelling Language SysML
Requirements Modelling
Requirements Diagrams - Requirements - Test Cases - Hierarchic Requirements - - Generating Documents - Managing Traceability - Repositories - Specifying Functional Requirements with Use Cases
Defining Structural Elements with Block Definition Diagrams
Blocks and Block Definition Diagrams - Value Types - Enumerations Part and Shared Associations - Containment - Generalization
Defining Structural Detail with Internal Block Diagrams
Parts (Properties) - Internal Block Diagrams - Ports - Connectors - Item Flows
Requirements and Structure Diagrams Demonstration


Parametric Modelling
Constraint Blocks - Parametric Diagrams - Constraint Properties
Modelling Behaviour as Activity
Activity Diagrams - Activities and Actions - Control and Object Flows - Flow Charts with Activity Diagrams
Modelling Interaction and Messaging on Sequence Diagrams
Interactions and Messages, Sequence Diagrams - Synchronous and Asynchronous Messages - Timing Constraints
Modelling State Dependant Behaviour
The Meaning of the State Model - State Machine Diagrams - States and Transitions - Events and Conditions - Actions and Activities
Behavioural Modelling Demonstration

Should the content of the available SysML courses not fit your exact requirements, then CRaG Systems can create a custom course for you. Please either email or call us to discuss your particular needs.

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SysML Introduction Training Course - 1 Day