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On-Site Course and Workshop Logistics

Basic Requirements:

Training courses, workshops, seminars and consultancy are delivered at the clients' site and attendance is normally limited to 12 students. The client is expected to provide an appropriate venue, equipment and refreshments. Required equipment includes an high resolution projector or large screen, whiteboard or flipchart and at least one computer per two students loaded with at least the evaluation version of Sparx Systems' Enterprise Architect or another suitable modelling tool.

Course Software and Exercise Files:

For a discussion of why we recommend that you use a modelling tool for the exercises, please see the Modelling Tool Use on Courses page. If you will be using a tool, then please ensure that the software and exercise files are loaded onto the course machines prior to the start of the course. If these are training machines then they are likely to be locked down such that it is impossible to load the software and course solutions. IT support should be informed well in advance so that these problems can be sorted out, otherwise severe delays can occur. Laptops are fine provided that students use a mouse. Pads and sticks are difficult to use for graphical work. If machines are networked then this is useful but not essential. You will not need access to a printer. An internet connection for use by the instructor would be much appreciated but is not essential if security issues make it too difficult.

Course Manuals (not provided for some workshops):

Printed course manuals with copies of all presentations, exercises and solutions are provided for each student. These will be shipped by carrier directly from the printer to the nominated person at the nominated address to arrive by 12 midday the working day before the course is due to start. If the manuals have not arrived by then please let us know so we can track them through the carrier and tell you who signed for them and when.

Student Registration:

Please ask the students to sign on using the On-Site Course Student Registration form about a week before the start of the course. This will speed the introduction section and allow the instructor to fine tune the level and the content of the course to fit the students' experience and expectations.

Daily Timetable:

The instructor will normally arrive between 8.30am and 8.45am for a 9.30am start on the first day and 9.00am start on subsequent days. Students should arrive around 15 minutes early each day in order to setup laptops and get settled in. Courses normally finish by 5.00pm each day. Lunch is normally at around 12.30pm each day and lasts for 1 hour, 45 mins or 30 mins as decided by majority vote. The time saved by taking 30 or 45 minutes for lunch can be used to finish 30 or 15 minutes early if students prefer. There are breaks of 15 minutes each at approximately 10.45am and 3.00pm. Depending on progress through the material it may be possible to finish up to an hour early on the last day. Variations on these timings will happily be accommodated provided they do not impact on the total time available. If timescales are truncated through no fault of CRaG Systems, then clients must accept that it may not be possible to cover all the material in the usual depth.


An invoice will be sent, on completion of the course, addressed to 'Accounts Department' at the location of the course unless an alternative address is provided. A copy of the invoice, or the original, can be sent to the originator of the course on request. CRaG Systems standard payment terms are strictly 30 days. You may choose to provide a purchase order or a purchase order number prior to the course if it helps your organisation's paperwork to have one or to have the purchase order number appear on the invoice. However, this is not essential for CRaG Systems to deliver the course. CRaG Systems reserves the right to invoice for partially completed work where the total amount of work requested spans more than a single week.

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On-Site Course and Workshop Logistics