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On-Site Course Price Calculator

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For remote online course pricing please use the Remote Course Price Calculator.

CRaG Systems flexible on-site course pricing is calculated in 5 bands, depending on the number of students, plus an estimation of the instructor's expenses based on the location of the course venue.

PLEASE NOTE: The prices quoted on this page, and in any quotation generated by this calculator, are our prices to you, the end client, only. Should your training subsequently be purchased through any third party, then the price to you may have to be increased to cover the third party's commission.

1-2 students £600/day + instructor's expenses + VAT.
3-4 students £800/day + instructor's expenses + VAT.
5-6 students £1000/day + instructor's expenses + VAT.
7-9 students £1100/day + instructor's expenses + VAT.
10-12 students £1200/day + instructor's expenses + VAT.
1 Day Courses, Seminars & Workshops £1200/day + instructor's expenses + VAT.

For custom courses, classes with more than 12 students or courses outside the UK please email: or call +44 (0)1782 785045.

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On-Site Course Price Calculator