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Model-Driven Development Process
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Incremental Process Flow
Waterfall Process Flow
Testing Stage
Test developers develop the test strategy and the system tests. System tests should be performed, if possible, by the user representative for the use case being tested. This has the advantage of feeding back the results of development to the users incrementally.
Component tests should also be developed by a test developer rather than the developer of the component code, but performed by the component developer. Normally tests will be developed for each interface realised by the component.
Develop Test Strategy Develop System Tests Perform System Tests Develop Component Tests Perform Component Tests
Templates and Examples
Download the Test Plan Template in Excel Download the System Test Script Template in Word  Download the Use Case Model Example Test Script in Word  Download the Data Model System Example Test Script in Word  Download the State Model Example Test Script in Word  Download the Interaction Model Example Test Script in Word
UML For Test Development
Suggested Task Flow
The Testing Stage Task Flow