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Model-Driven Development Process
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Incremental Process Flow
Waterfall Process Flow
System Architecture Stage
System architecture involves developing architectural layers, component structure, subsystems and interfaces for each component, the target topology as a deployment model, importing code libraries and developing patterns for all architectural mechanisms. An optional task model may be produced.
In a waterfall project this is done prior to any coding. In an incremental project all the system architecture needed for code implementation for the whole system is developed during the development phase together with the relatively small amount of detailed design and code needed to fully test the architecture. The rest of the detailed design and code needed to implement the majority of the end user functionality is developed during the production phase.
This approach ensures that almost all technical risk is eliminated be the end of the development phase and greatly reduces the chance of a major rewrite late in the project due to architectural change.
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Object Oriented System Architecture and Design Using UML
Object Oriented Analysis and Design using UML (OOAD)
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