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Model-Driven Development Process
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Incremental Process Flow
Waterfall Process Flow
Rollout Stage
In an incremental process the rollout stage can be fully or partially performed each increment or left to the rollout phase of the project. In a waterfall project it is always performed at the end of the project. Each task can be assigned to appropriate individuals in the project or specified as part of a project role.
If the increment is to go live then installation is performed on the target system. Otherwise it is installed in the development environment.
Gaining user acceptance consists of performing user training and the users performing the acceptance tests defined in the testing stage. If the increment is to go live then training is performed to all users. Otherwise only the appointed user representative who will run the acceptance tests is trained.
Create Deliverables Develop User Documentation Perform Installation Develop User Training Gain User Acceptance
Suggested Task Flow
The Rollout Task Flow