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Model-Driven Development Process
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Incremental Process Flow
Waterfall Process Flow
Project Management Stage
Risk list maintenance, estimation and planning all occur at the start of an increment in an incremental project and the start of a stage in a waterfall project. Project assessment occurs at the end of the increment or stage. The result of the assessment of the previous increment or stage provides the information needed to re-estimate and re-plan the project at the next increment or stage.
The project overview is needed early on in the initial scoping phase of an incremental project or the first stage in a waterfall project. This ensures that all involved have the same understanding of the scope and goals of the project. It may be allocated to a business analyst to develop.
Change requests can be processed continuously throughout the project and inform the planning process.

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Templates and Examples
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Task Guidelines
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Agile UML Project Management
Suggested Task Flow
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