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Model-Driven Development Process
| Business Analysis | Requirements Gathering | System Analysis | System Architecture | Detailed Design |
| Project Management | Project Support | Coding | Testing | Rollout |
Process Map
Overview of the CRaG Systems Software Development Process
Process Concepts
Process Configurations
Process Glossary
Process Map
Change Log
Business Analysis Stage
Gather Stakeholder Needs Task
Develop Business Process Model Task
Develop Business Data Model Task
Define Business Structure Task
Define Business Rules Task
Requirements Gathering Stage
Develop Use Case Diagram Task
Develop the Use Case Document Task
Develop Proof of Concept Prototype Task
Gather Non-Functional Requirements Task
Maintain the Glossary Task
Maintain the Data Dictionary Task
System Analysis Stage
Develop Initial Logical Data Model Task
Develop Use Case Implementation Task
Develop State Model Task
System Architecture Stage
Define Layers and Subsystems Model Task
Develop Task Model Task
Detailed Design Stage
Project Management Stage
Estimate Project Task
Project Support Stage
Coding Stage
Testing Stage
Rollout Stage