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Model-Driven Development Process
| Business Analysis | Requirements Gathering | System Analysis | System Architecture | Detailed Design |
| Project Management | Project Support | Coding | Testing | Rollout |
Incremental Process Flow
Waterfall Process Flow
Detailed Design Stage
The first task in the detailed design stage is to rework the analysis use case implementations into interactions between subsystem interfaces.
The subsystems, which are the design of components and parts of components, are then developed internally to implement the operations on the subsystem interfaces. Coding is performed and tested as part of this task using a highly iterative and incremental round-trip engineering approach.
The database is developed in parallel to implement the logical data model defined during system analysis.
Design Use Case Implementation Increment Subsystem Design Develop Database
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Object Oriented System Architecture and Design Using UML
Object Oriented Analysis and Design using UML (OOAD)
Suggested Task Flow
Detailed Design Task Flow