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Model-Driven Development Process
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Change Log
Version Description Date
0.80 Alfa release 31/5/06
0.81 Split Architecture and Design in 2. Add incremental process flow. Add develop deployment model task to System Architecture. Add develop component model task to System Architecture. Add develop task model task to System Architecture. Remove import libraries and frameworks task (merges into develop architectural patterns). Add develop database task to Detailed Design. Add text to index page. Change process flow hyperlink in all stage pages. Update header with new stages. Add downloadable zipped version linking from overview page. 16/6/06
0.811 Added style sheet 18/6/06
0.812 Moved | Overview | button in header to top menu. Updated html models. 14/9/06
0.813 Added text to stage and task pages and updated task and step flows and maps 15/9/06
0.814 Changed 'Develop Initial Architecture' task to 'Define Layers and Subsystems' 17/9/06
0.815 Added Define Layers and Subsystems page and Task Guidelines 19/9/06
0.816 Removed target="_blank" from file downloads to solve problem with Firefox 4/1/08
0.820 Update header to new style. Update download zip. Add Develop Task Model page and guidelines 18/3/08
0.821 Widen to 728 pixels and ad GoogleAds 5/2/09
0.830 Remove spaces from all file names. Add HTML version statement. Add character encoding statement Remove all font tags. Remove all html alignment statements Add closing href tag for logo hyperlink. Add alt statement in email image Change refs to document file names. Change refs to course file names Remove duplicate border statements. Remove divs. Add class statement to and remove all styling tags. Update copyright dates add alt statement in tracker. Remove spurious closing p tag. Upload, test formatting and links and validate the HTML to v4.01 transitional. Put redirects in htaccess using "file name with spaces". Remove all files with spaces in the names and monitor for 404s. Generate & upload new zip version. 24/3/11
0.831 Centre all pages. Add padding for short pages. Remove link tracker script from head. Replace body tag. 8/12/11
0.832 Adjust colour styling to be consistent with main site. Update copyright dates. Update zip file to current pages and style. 8/5/13
0.833 Correct various spelling errors. 15/12/15
0.834 Fix .eap download links for MS browsers. 8/2/18