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Agile UML Project Management Training Course - 2 Days

This UML training course is aimed at project managers who wish to update their project management skills to take account of the latest advances in software development techniques. It teaches how to manage a highly iterative and agile model-driven software development process that employs UML modelling techniques for the development of complex object oriented or structured, multi-tier component or web-based information systems.

With the advent of new technologies and architectures and increasing levels of complexity and timescale pressure, project management techniques have had to adapt and become more flexible. Agile development enables a continuous process of specification, estimation, scheduling and assessment to take place in a constantly moving business environment while providing relevant functionality to end users.

Delegates will learn:
  • The impact of agile iterative incrementation on many aspects of software development.
  • How UML modelling affects the management of a project.
  • How to specify an appropriate set of deliverables and working documents for agile development.
  • How to assess risk and schedule a project based on risk mitigation.
  • How to prioritise requirements based on multiple criteria.
  • How to develop and maintain accurate cost and time estimates.
  • How to develop, implement and maintain a suitable agile process.
  • How to build a suitable agile project team based on roles and responsibilities.
Suitable for:
Suitable for

Software Development Managers, Project Managers, System Analysts, Architects, Developers and Requirements Specifiers with at least 2 years experience. This course is not suitable for those seeking certification as a step towards a qualification. See the Certification Policy for a detailed discussion.

Course Logistics:
Course logistics

Course attendance is normally limited to 12 students. Courses start at 9.30am on the first day, 9.00am on subsequent days and finish at 5.00pm each day. Students normally use a computer for the exercises, but these can be performed on paper if required. For a discussion on using a UML modelling tool please see Modelling Tool Use on Courses. Printed course manuals for each student with copies of all presentations, exercises and solutions are provided.

On-Site (In-House) Courses:
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The client is expected to provide an appropriate venue, refreshments, XGA/WXGA projector and screen, whiteboard or flipchart and at least one computer per two students loaded with a suitable UML modelling tool, unless exercises are to be performed on paper. For a full discussion of on-site course issues please see On-Site Course Logistics.

Scheduled Public Courses:

CRaG Systems no longer provide scheduled public training. However, we continue to provide on-site (in-house) training for any number of students with special discounts for small classes. You will find our pricing competitive with most public courses for just 2 or 3 students. Please use the On-Site Course Pricing page to get a firm, downloadable quotation for on-site training.

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Training Course Outline

Day 1


Why Projects Fail - Agile as a Principle - Project Estimation and Assessment with UML - A New Approach to 'Requirements' - The Role of Process

Project Stages, Increments and Phases

Traditional Waterfall Steps - Increments and Phases - Basic Project Structure in Stages and Increments - Variations in Project Structure - Incremental Completion of Agile Project Deliverables - Wrapping an Incremental Agile Process as Waterfall

Project Stages, Increments and Phases Workshop
Defining Project Deliverables

What is a Deliverable? - Business Modelling versus System Modelling - Project Versus System Documentation - Choosing a Minimum Set for Agile Development - Developing Templates - Quality Assessment of Deliverables - Understanding Partially Completed Deliverables - Tools - Change Management of Deliverables - Baselines and Promotion Strategy

Defining Project Deliverables Workshop

Day 2

Risk, Estimation and Traceability

Risk Analysis - Risk Mitigation - Gathering Metrics - Estimation - Traceability - Impact Analysis

Risk, Estimation and Traceability Workshop
Requirements Driven Project Management

Requirements Types and Attributes - Gathering and Assessing Requirements - Defining Functional Requirements With Use Cases - Gaining Consensus - Handling Changing Requirements - Risk-Driven Scheduling - Agile Project Scheduling

Requirements Driven Project Management Workshop
Process Development and Team Structure

Defining an Agile UML-Driven Process - Making Process Accessible - Introducing a New Process - Ongoing Process Development - Agile Team Structure - Setting Expectations - Managing Change

Process Development and Team Structure Workshop

Should the content of the available UML training courses not fit your exact requirements, then CRaG Systems can create a custom course for you. Please either email or call us to discuss your particular needs.

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Agile UML Project Management Training Course - 2 Days