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Use Case Tutorial

Specifying Functional Requirements With Use Cases

The CRaG Systems Use Case Tutorial is a comprehensive web-based course covering all aspects of specifying functional requirements with use cases. It takes approximately a day in total to complete and not only can you complete the course in your own time but you can save your place and return to it later. There is no pdf for this yet.

Access the Use Case Tutorial here

What you get:
  • Access to mature web-based training material
  • A comprehensive Use Case Document Template in Word for you to keep and use.
  • The opportunity to evaluate 3 commonly used case tools
  • 6 Quizzes, 3 Tests and 4 Exercises
In the exercises you will:
  • Create a use case diagram from a problem description
  • Write the basic flow of an important use case
  • Write an alternate flow for a use case
  • Create an activity diagram for a use case
  • Use a comprehensive use case document template
  • Be supplied with comprehensive exercise solutions
  • Be able to evaluate three commonly used case tools
You will learn:
  • What actors and use cases are and what they are not
  • What a use case diagram represents
  • The characteristics of good actors, use cases, use case diagrams and use case descriptions
  • How to create use case diagrams
  • The difference between active and passive actors
  • How to write use case description text effectively
  • How to write an alternate flow
  • How to write a sub flow
  • How to use <<include>> and <<extend>> relationships sensibly
  • How to describe the overall flow of the use case with an activity diagram
  • How to integrate a prototype screen with the use case

Access the Use Case Tutorial here

Note: There is no pdf for this yet

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Use Case Tutorial